The Old Man With A Stick

I am extremely pleased to announce the publication of my recent short story “The Old Man With A Stick” in the Fall Issue of the Furtive Dalliance Literary Review available now at Amazon.

This is the story of someone who is perceived as different by the townspeople and so is the target of their suspicion and distrust. And yet there is much more to him than they realize.


Please give this lovely anthology a try: Furtive Dalliance #3

Be Nice To Georgie

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of my short story, “Be Nice To Georgie” by Clarendon House in the Fireburst anthology.

This story is a bit of a departure for me in that it is a bit Twilight Zone-ish. But it was fun to write and I hope you will enjoy it as well as the other stories contained in this nicely done volume.


This volume is available here:
It is now also available for Kindle at Amazon!