I Wrote A Book!

I wrote a book! It took three years, but I did it. I did it In spite of never having done anything like it before and in spite of one of the noisiest neighbors on the entire planet living not a dozen feet from my tiny house in California.

It was, if I might say so, a labor of love. The whole idea of creating something that almost had a life of its own was close to intoxicating. The characters became living beings who did not know me, yet I knew them. I not only knew them, but came to love every one of them for their strengths, vulnerabilities, and quirkiness.

I suppose you could say the overriding theme of the work is the age-old “good over evil.” Yet it is more than that. It is different from anything I’ve read in a very long time – if ever – and I found it difficult to pinpoint an actual genre into which it would fit. I ended up calling it a “Speculative Future Thriller” for want of anything more descriptive.

It is set nearly one hundred years in the future and yet, as we look back, things don’t change an awful lot in a hundred years. Sure, there are new medicines and technological discoveries, but life pretty much moves on. Remember, we drove gasoline powered cars one hundred years ago and we are still driving gasoline powered cars today.

But other things did change. In order to write my story I had to build a slightly different country from the one we currently experience. Many things changed for the better yet the same old war-happy world still existed.

I have had so much fun trying out a “trailer” for the book (which is, as you know if you are following my progress, still to be published). This is something about which I have absolutely no how-to knowledge and so I have ended up with something just fun and a flight of fancy. I think it’s a hoot. I’m sure much better trailers for books have been created, but they are not MY trailer and they are not about MY book.

I still laugh every time I play this first effort. Just because it’s so much fun.

This book is scheduled to be published in the latter part of this year. But things being as they are I’m not sure the timeline will be that dependable. Still, like any other author who has created something, I’m excited to see it when it finally does see print. I hope you will be, too.

4 thoughts on “I Wrote A Book!

    • The book is supposed to be out later this year as I said in my post above. However, with things as they are I’m not sure this is going to happen on schedule. Fingers crossed, though. I made the video on my Macbook Pro. I think I used iMovie but don’t quote me – I made it some time ago.


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