The Vanishing of M. Renoir (in print!)

I’m most excited to announce that “The Vanishing of M. Renoir” has been accepted for the Vortex anthology by Clarendon House now available in both the paperback and the Kindle digital edition.


This is one of my favorite short stories. I sometimes wonder where it came from. I’ve heard Stephen King in his talks say that people often ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” And his answer, mostly, is the same as mine: I just don’t know. Could be anywhere. Sometimes a spark just happens and there you are. But this one, The Vanishing of M. Renoir, is a complete mystery to me. One day I sat down to write and there it was. That was one of my lucky days.

Visit here for links to both the Kindle and the Paperback editions:

Do be aware that this link will direct you to the .uk Amazon website for the Kindle edition. So update your Amazon site if you live in the US.

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