Far Away

Happy to announce the publication of one of my latest poems entitled “Far Away.” This poem reflects a yearning for something lost, or never known and yet, there it is – just out of reach. This feeling is more than personal. I believe it to be universal. I hope you will find it so.

This poem appears along with many others in the new anthology, Poetica, published by Clarendon House and available now in the Kindle edition at Amazon and here in paperback: https://www.clarendonhousebooks.com/anthologies

Sometimes You Must

My short story “Sometimes You Must” has been included in the latest Clarendon House anthology, Blaze!

There are times in life when we face things not of our making. Things that terrify us. Yet somehow we find the courage to face them just the same.
Please enjoy this small tale of such a moment in one person’s life. 

This wonderful anthology is available now in both paperback and Kindle editions. Find it at Amazon and at Clarendonhousebooks.com/anthologies.

New Shoes

My tiny story, “New Shoes,” appears in the Flash Fiction Addiction anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing. This is a poignant little story of a child’s gratitude and a mother’s pride.

Along with my small story are 100 other stories of varying lengths, but all quite short and quickly readable. I hope you will enjoy them all.


Available now in both Kindle and Paperback at Amazon <–Click to order.


My latest short story, “Islands,” is now live in the April issue of the Front Porch Review. <– Click to read.

(PLEASE NOTE: Front Porch Review had a computer problem and lost their website. Their new site is up, but all of my stories there were, apparently, lost. At this time, I’m not sure if they will be recovered.)

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 6.35.00 PM.png

I was thrilled to receive the following in my email by a reader of this story:

Ms. Cooper,

I just wanted to say BRILLIANT!
I’ve just read your piece in the Front Porch Review and it evoked for me many memories and feelings about my relationship with my mother. The details, obliviously, are not the same, but the spirit of the unknown, the possible causes of what was behind my mother’s behavior towards me, came bursting through to me in your story.

Thank you,


Needless to say, this email made my day.
I hope you will enjoy this story, as well. If you do, reviews are always appreciated.

One-Way Trip

My latest story, “One-Way Trip” is available now in this Sci-Fi Anthology from Zombie Pirate Publishing. Available at Amazon in both the Kindle and Paperback editions.

A slight deviation for me into Sci-Fi, but a fun challenge. I hope you will enjoy it and all the stories in this anthology:
World War Four