Stars and Stripes

I’m quite pleased to announce that my poem, “Stars and Stripes,” has been selected for inclusion in the Clarendon House Poetry Anthology, Cadence.
More information will be available later this month on publication.

Going Home

I’m really pleased to announce that my short story, “Going Home” has been published by the Furtive Dalliance Literary Review and is available now at Amazon:


This is the poignant story of a young woman who discovers that you cannot really go home again because much of what (and who) you remember simply isn’t there anymore.

Please check also with the Furtive Dalliance website here:

Black and White

I am so pleased and, yes, excited to announce that my story, “Black and White” is now  available in the Clarendon House anthology, Carrier Wave.
This is a story told with humor and yet it has a deeper meaning. I loved writing it – and I hope you will enjoy reading it.


This anthology is available in both the Kindle edition at Amazon:

And in the paperback edition at Clarendon House: